Achieve Work-Life Balance With Projecteze®

Calgary, AB, Feb 3, 2010 — Laurence Seton of Projecteze Inc. announces the release of his new book, On Top of Everything™: Manage Your Projects and Life With Ease. The book introduces a counter-intuitive approach for creating work-life balance, using Projecteze®: The Ultimate Organizational System. Projecteze offers a simple and easy way to manage all aspects of a busy life.

The book shares a personal narrative of Laurence's struggle to create work-life balance and the solution he created. As a career user of project management and personal productivity tools, Laurence, a senior engineer and Project Management Professional, found himself struggling to stay on top of everything. Laurence found existing management systems focused either on project management or focused on personal productivity. Laurence wanted a single tool that was sophisticated enough to handle both.

Such a tool needed to be simple to use, able to track vital project information, capture commitments, and prioritize personal accountabilities. Laurence devised a simple yet unorthodox solution. Ten years later, Laurence has used Projecteze to successfully manage multi-million dollar projects in many different industries.

Seeing how effectively Projecteze facilitated work-life balance for himself, Laurence decided to share his solution in a book called On Top Of Everything: Manage Your Projects & Life With Ease.

On Top Of Everything™ introduces the Projecteze approach and demonstrates its application at work, home and school. “Most people can read the book in 2 to 3 hours and be up and running within days” says Seton. He states “There is no new software to buy or learn. You just use the tools you already own.” The book is available in paperback and ebook for immediate download at for $37.95.

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About On Top Of Everything™
A new book by Laurence H. Seton, On Top of Everything™ introduces Projecteze®: The Ultimate Organizational System. The book highlights the challenges of using existing project management and personal productivity tools and outlines how to achieve work-life balance with technology you already own.

About Projecteze®
Projecteze®: The Ultimate Organizational System is a word processor based project management and personal productivity tool for busy people.

About Laurence H. Seton
Laurence H. Seton is a Professional Engineer and Project Management Professional (PMP) with the worldwide Project Management Institute.  He has over 25 years of project management experience and consults with corporations on project management, time management and work-life-balance.