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A fully functional mobile solution for Projecteze used to exist through a combination of two free online services, CloudOn and Dropbox. In 2015, CloudOn joined the Dropbox team and integrated their editing engine into Dropbox. Unfortunately, they didn't carry forward the sort feature for MS Word. As a result, I am not aware of a single mobile solution that provides the functionality for sorting your Projecteze Table.

You can use Dropbox and the free MS Office apps available through the Dropbox app to open, read and edit your Projecteze Table on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You just can't sort your table. Sorting your Projecteze Table can only be done on a desktop or laptop computer with the full version of MS Word software installed.

I do not believe MS Office 365 (an online service provided by Microsoft) provides the sort capability for MS Word either. Google Docs does provide a sort feature for their word processing tables but only for a single column at a time which is less than ideal.

I would be very interested to know if anyone is aware of a mobile solution that will provide all of the open, read, edit and sort capabilities for MS Word.


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