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Silver Medal Winner
2010 Axiom
Business Book Awards

Silver Medal Winner 2010 Axiom Business Book Awards


On Top of Everything™

Manage Your Projects & Life With Ease
by Laurence H. Seton, P.Eng., PMP, RPA

Achieve the success you want without sacrificing your personal life in the process. Regain control over your life. The book On Top Of Everything™ is for people who want to get and stay organized, be on top of everything, and live a balanced life that includes time for themself.

On Top of Everything™ introduces you to Projecteze®: The Ultimate Organizational System, a simple and effective task management system anyone can learn quickly and use to stay on top of everything in their busy life - at work, at home and at school. Projecteze can help you find a healthier work-life balance.

"Lots of consultants come in here and tell us we need to get better organized. You're the first one to come in here and tell us how!"

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